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to make sure that your wedding day provides a lifetime of memories and starts a lifelong relationship. However, despite the best intentions of the parties, and all that planning, not all marriages last a lifetime. Sometimes they end in divorce. Additionally, because we find ourselves getting married later in life, after accumulating individual wealth, it is wise to have a contingency plan in the event things don’t go as we hoped or planned. If you have acquired individual wealth and assets prior to the marriage, a prenuptial agreement is worth considering. This agreement provides protection by specifying what assets and property you will keep should the marriage end in divorce.

Michael V. LoCicero, Attorney at Law has 30 years of family law experience in the state of Illinois. He has helped numerous clients draw up prenuptial agreements in DuPage County, Cook County and surrounding Chicago communities. A prenuptial agreement needs to be specific and enforceable, so it is important to have yours created by a DuPage County prenuptial agreement lawyer that understands this area of the law and exactly how you want the agreement to be worded.

There are specific requirements for a prenuptial agreement in Illinois. Here are some of the areas that need to be properly addressed to make a prenuptial agreement valid:

  • Written Agreement: The document must be in writing, verbal agreements are not sufficient.
  • Timing: Prenuptial agreements must be drafted and signed at least 60 days prior to the wedding.
  • Independent Counsel: The agreement must be reviewed by separate attorneys representing each of the parties.
  • Fairness: The contract should have a level of fairness and not based on irrational scenarios.
  • Disclosure of Statements: There needs to be a written full disclosure of all assets and properties owned by both parties.
  • Voluntary: The agreement must be signed voluntarily and not under coercion or duress.
  • Signature: There needs to be notarized signatures by both parties.

If any of the aforementioned areas are found insufficient, the prenuptial agreement could be invalidated.

Before your wedding, make sure you have an effective prenuptial agreement that protects your interests. Contact Michael V. LoCicero, Attorney at Law today at 630-932-7007 for a free consultation. Our DuPage County prenuptial agreement lawyer represents clients for family law cases in Cook County and DuPage County including the city of Chicago and its suburbs of Elmhurst, Villa Park, Lombard, Oak Brook, Bensenville, Naperville, and Willowbrook.

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