DuPage County Criminal Law Attorney

DuPage County criminal law attorney

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer in Illinois

Criminal offenses cover a wide range of severity from petty offenses, to traffic matters, to Misdemeanors, to Class X Felonies. If you have been charged with a crime in Illinois, you need strong legal representation to defend against these charges. For over three decades, Michael V. LoCicero, Attorney at Law has been defending clients charged with criminal offenses in DuPage County and Cook County; including Oak Brook, Bensenville, Wheaton and other Chicago area communities. Michael has vast experience as a DuPage County criminal defense attorney and a strong track record of providing successful defenses for his clients.

Our law office handles a wide range of criminal legal cases, including:

DUIs: DUI charges can lead to many problems such as restricting your driving privileges or the suspension of your driver’s license, fines and possible jail time. DUIs could also require multiple court appearances and a fair amount of stress and anxiety. However, a strong criminal defense lawyer can ease that stress by keeping you informed, appearing in court with you and helping to minimize the effect it will have on your future.

Theft: Merchandise stolen with a value of under $300 is classified as Class A Misdemeanor. Stolen merchandise with a value exceeding $300 may be classified as a felony theft. Shoplifting is generally referred to as retail theft. All types of theft charges are very serious and can include fines. Some theft charges are more serious and involve jail time as well as future problems obtaining housing, loans and employment. There may also be civil consequences arising from these acts in addition to the applicable criminal penalties.

Drug Charges: Drug possession is a criminal charge with a sliding scale of severity. The State of Illinois invokes harsh penalties for marijuana possession (such as heavy fines and jail time) depending on the number of grams you are in possession of and other circumstances of the case. Cocaine and heroin possession carry even stronger penalties.

Assault and Battery: Assault is a criminal act defined as threatening to inflict harm on another person. There are degrees of classification ranging from simple to aggravated assault. Battery also includes matters, such as domestic battery and aggravated battery. No matter what degree of assault or battery charges you are facing, the help of an experienced criminal lawyer is needed to ensure that you have the best possible defense in place.

Traffic Offenses: All of us are dependent on keeping a valid driver’s license and being able to drive to school, work, or for leisure. Traffic violations are generally less serious than other crimes, but they can still carry heavy fines, suspension of driver’s license privileges and even jail time. A traffic defense lawyer can be helpful in keeping more serious violations from affecting your driving privileges and in keeping your insurance rates from skyrocketing.

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When you are charged with a petty offense, misdemeanor, or felony in Illinois, you need an experienced and compassionate DuPage County criminal defense attorney by your side. Contact Michael V. LoCicero, Attorney at Law for a free consultation. Our law office represents clients facing criminal charges in Cook County and DuPage County; including the city of Chicago and its suburbs, as well as Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Bensenville, Lemont, Naperville, and Maywood.

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